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Exactly like
our buddy og

Flint began in 2007. But really, it was born 1,000,000,000 years earlier, when a caveman named Og had a bright idea.

Og looked around his cave and saw lots of rocks. They were shiny and sparkly. They shimmered and shone.

Rocks nice, thought Og. But rocks not useful!

Og picked up a rock and examined it, a Neolithic stroke of genius hit:

What if Og crash rock on other rock? What if Og shave rock to make very sharp blade? Blade more useful than plain old rock! Blade cut, blade carve, blade make stuff happen!

And with that, Og created the very first flint knife, the first piece of technology in human history.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, it’s easy to forget the story of Og. There are lots of pretty rocks around, and nowhere more so than in digital. These rocks are cool and cutting edge – but so few people use them to actually make a cut.

That’s where we at Flint are a bit different.

We don’t just make shiny rocks. We make rocks that perform as serious tools for your business. Sometimes they’re digital platforms or marketing services. Sometimes they’re data-based and focus on e-commerce.

Sometimes they’re about enriching experiences, and sometimes they’re simply about enriching your bottom line.

Whatever form they take, there’s one thing certain: we never stop asking ourselves ‘what if? and ‘what for?’

From apps to platforms to websites to cave paintings, we make stuff that helps you make stuff happen.

Exactly like our buddy Og.
(Just with slightly less facial hair.)

Meet the Makers

We like to think of ourselves as modern day Ogs.
Just with better dress sense, obviously.

Cameron Manderson


Cam, Founder and Director

Establishing Flint in 2007, Cam has been working in digital media since even earlier, from the age of 15, when the web was still shiny and new. His first-hand experience in building applications, teams and strategies has stood Flint in good stead as it’s evolved from an enthusiastic start-up to a leading boutique agency. During the week, he moves between advising clients, concepting and coding.

After work and on weekends, he’s a part time farmer and gets as far as he possibly can from a screen.

Caveman alter ego: Brogg, Ogg’s life coach

Joseph Hallahan


Joe Hallahan, Director & Partner

With more than a decade’s experience in digital communications, Joe has been part of the evolution of the industry since its earliest days. Starting out in design, he moved through project management, to marketing, to UX, to strategy, to become Flint’s Director today, working with clients to make sense of business challenges and the digital opportunities they present. At Flint, he enjoys the agility and culture of a small, experienced, tight-knit team.

When he’s not working, he’s mountaineering, kayaking, adventure racing and making jerky – and trying to stop his faithful dog Serge from eating it.

Caveman alter ego: Igg, Og’s BBQ buddy.

Anthony Mikrou


Anth, Partner & Digital Crafter

Anth relishes the chance to present genuinely kick-ass concepts to clients – working in such a close-knit team, he’s immersed in the creative process at all its stages, from defining the challenge to crafting the solution. Problem solving is something he specialises in, whether it’s about, in business or in life itself.

When not working, he’s dreaming of being a stuntman.

Caveman alter ego: Uff, Ogg’s stunt double (for Prehistory: The Movie)

Buzz Swarbrick


Buzz, Digital Crafter

Following studies in multimedia and animation, Buzz got his start in digital in 2007, and quickly found his way to Flint via some advertising work along the way. Despite childhood plans to become a Lego engineer, he’s pretty happy with the detour into digital, as it gives him the chance to prototype ideas and play with bleeding edge tech.

Out of hours, he spends time swimming and gym-going to offset other time spent restaurant-going.

Caveman alter ego: Trigonogg, Ogg’s maths teacher

Jarrod Monk


Jarrod, Digital Crafter

With Flint since its earliest days, Jarrod is the team’s technical expert, with a soft spot for both code and collectible t-shirts. He’s a big fan of the agency’s flexible culture and healthy competition, which spurs everyone to strive for their best.

Out of hours, he splits his time between hanging out with his young sons and pretending not to be a grown-up – frequently at the same time.

Caveman alter ego: Oggi-Wan Kenobi, the prehistoric Star Wars fan

Serge Hallahan


Serge, dog

Serge is Flint’s official director of dogness. Responsibilities including panting, tail wagging and general sniffing around.

Serge loves the team culture at Flint and get excited by everything digital, especially the walks.

Caveman alter ego: Dogg, Ogg’s wolf-hound.

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