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Be streets ahead with Intelematics

Working with Flint, Intelematics recently launched their new website as part of their global expansion into North America and Europe. Intelematics have been at the forefront of dynamic telematics, working with virtually all the major car manufacturers like Audi, Toyota and Porsche and car clubs like RACV.

Flint was competitively chosen to closely work with Intelematics marketing team on assisting the organisation to navigate away from a projected product based proposition to arrive at a compelling service capabilities offering - demonstrating their ability to deliver new innovation and lead the market.

What was established was a cleanly presented dynamic website delivering clear messaging. The website is powered by a Hubspot, an intelligent marketing platform to drive content and engagement with audiences.
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Date: 2016
Client: Intelematics
Services: User Experience Design, Visual Design, Marketing & Insights, HubSpot