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Our philosophy is based on identifying the appropriate solution to match your organisation's objectives. We then leverage, customise and integrate this solution to boost your online performance and give you a competitive advantage.



As a high-end fashion retailer, Calibre needed to translate its in-store experience to the e-commerce environment – or in other words, create an ‘omnichannel’ experience that could hold its own against global competitor labels. We crafted an e-commerce site designed to optimise the conversion funnel, using a live shopping cart, flexible look-books and design themes, based on a powerful ERP called Apparel 21. As with most digital projects, evolution has continued after launch – the Calibre site is already on its second iteration, based on the learnings gleaned from the first generation site. 


As a trusted provider of organic babywear, Purebaby wanted to take the next step with an e-commerce platform that complemented its in-store retail experience. Our task was to marry the strong Purebaby brand with a highly effective e-commerce platform, utilising their high-end ERP to full benefit. 

RB Sellars

This unique clothing brand caters to a rural Australian audience that’s spread-out across the country. Flint has partnered with RB Sellars to improve their online performance, deliver more appropriate digital platforms and improve team efficiencies.


Karma Kameleon

Karma Kameleon has been building a fashion story since 2004. They look at things differently, and more likely to disrupt the mainstream online fashion scene than simply be part of it. Flint helped create the digital platform, but also guided on the photography style and brand evolution for online. 

Karma Kameleon
Karma Kameleon

And much much more...

We've done loads of e-commerce for all types of businesses - too much to show on just one page. We've helped create e-commerce from simple start-ups focusing on selling just one product, online festivals transacting thousands of ticket in a day, digital services with online payment and major integrated real-time e-commerce that transact 10's of millions annually.