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KPMG challenged us to create a project management tool to assist in proposals and delivery – the organisation’s two major touch points to win and exceed outcome expectations.


Working with a large, global organisation meant a constantly collaborative, iterative process was necessary. We conceptualised and prototyped the solution – Tapp - working with a range of stakeholders to maximise its usefulness across the network and in multiple different user scenarios.

The product provides an innovative way of presenting proposals and delivering results to their high-calibre clients. The accessible responsive nature of the digital tool provides the information available to clients when they need it, how they want to access it, while facilitating the sharing of the information to others in their organisation.

Developing through iterative agile feedback steps, a prototype was developed and enhanced into a minimum viable product. The product was delivered on a robust high-availability server infrastructure ready for adoption by the wider organisation, and secure to the highly sensitive information that would be delivered through the tool itself. 


Date: 2014
Client: KPMG
Services: Product/Service design and execution