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iBuildNew - your 'digital' display village

iBuildNew is a tech start-up with a clever idea – an aggregative sales platform for volume-builder new home designs. iBuildNew allows audiences to compare new house plans & designs from Australia’s leading builders.


Working with the team in start-up phase, Flint created the visual design and brand-mark for iBuildNew. The result is a vibrant brand creative providing the foundations for both the product and the brand to grow.


Alongside their core product, iBuildNew engages audiences in a content marketing strategy. This content marketing strategy engages audiences regularly with valuable articles of interest.

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Data and insights

Flint helps iBuildNew realise the value of connected data for analytical reporting, consumer insights and effective end-to-end marketing opportunity.

The current phased data plan strategically developed and executed has established iBuildNew centralised tagging with realtime data and user interactions flowing into specialised tools. The system provides metrics and interaction measurements through-out their product.

The built eco-system of focused and integrated marketing tools provide everything from effective attribution, analytics, engagement and remarketing, and delivers product insights to identify what's working and what needs tweaking.

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Date: 2015
Client: iBuildNew
Services: Brand Identity, Visual Design, Data and Analytics

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