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iQuitSugar • App Design

An app to help people kick sugar addiction

Want to lose weight, feel healthier, happier and more energetic? Flint worked with iQuitSugar to design an app for their 8-week program

RB Sellars E-Commerce

Establishing a unique style 

Through a competitive creative process, Flint was appointed as iQuitSugar's digital design partner, and first tasks with developing a unique and rich creative style for the online brand.

RB Sellars E-Commerce

Designing the 8-week program app

With the creative direction resolved, we then designed the interface for their 8-week program app. During the program, this mobile and tablet app provides users advice, tips and recipes to help them quit sugar.

The meal planner makes it easy, keeping people motivated and cooking not only super-tasty, but super-healthy food. Want to change a meal?  An integrated shopping list helps people know what to buy and when. 

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Date: 2015-Current
Client: iQuitSugar
Services: Visual design, creative design, interface design, app design, mobile and tablet

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